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:Nutcracker ornaments:

Boxed Nutcracker Ornament

 According to German folklore, Nutcrackers were given as keepsakes to bring good luck to the family and protect the home.  It is said that they represent strength and power and watch over the family, keeping evil spirits and danger away.  They have been refined to a point only achieved through the making of multiples of the same design.  Here is an attempt to show the process.

Nutcracker assembly line.

There are 50 individual parts to make one piece. Lining the pieces up this way keep the assembly line organized and moving. It also makes for a good photo.

Close up of Nutcracker first firing_

The pieces are then carefully laid up on the prepared kiln shelf. This is ready for the first firing which reaches 1485 degrees Fahenhieght at its highest temperature.

Nutcracker after first firing.

Here is the result of the stacked layers being fused into one.  The edges are cut and polished using water-fed diamond tools. 

Details being added by hand.

They are now ready for the finishing details. Very carefully the nose, eyebrows, mustache and jewels to the crown are added.


Here is a photo through the side peep hole of the kiln as they are being fired to 1405 degrees.  This temperature tack fuses the details as not to lose the raised quality of the added pieces. This firing also further polishes the cold worked edges.

Group shot, ready for signing, stringing

These pieces are ready for signing, stringing and boxing.  Then off to protect their new homes.  You can find these Nutcrackers Ornaments in many colors on the "shop" page of this site, ready to order.

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